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Data Recovery


Whether it's your company's mission critical files or precious family pictures on your home computer, at Tejas Technologies we know how important your data is.


Tejas Technologies offers a complete data recovery solutions. We specialize in recovering data from Desktop Drives, Laptop Drives, External Drives, Servers, RAID Systems, Network Attached Storage Devices (NAS), Storage Area Network Devices (SAN), Flash Drives, and Camera Media.



Statistics about the leading causes of data loss

  • Mechanical Failure - 44 Percent of all Data Loss

  • User Error - 32 Percent of all Data Loss

  • Software Corruption - 14 Percent of all Data Loss

  • Computer Viruses - 7 Percent of all Data Loss

  • Natural Disasters - 3 Percent of all Data Loss


Never assume that your data cannot be recovered!


Tejas Technologies routinely recovers data from failed hard drives caused by:

  • Mechanical Failure (Clicking, Grinding, or Unusual Noises/Will Not Spin)

  • File System Damage (Lost Data, Will Not Boot, Drive Not Accessible)

  • Bumped or Dropped Drives

  • Viruses or User Sabotage

  • User Error Such as Accidentally Deleted Files or Formatting

  • Static Electricity, Power Surges and Outages

  • Natural Disasters Such as Lightning Strikes, Fires, and Floods


If you have suffered a hard drive failure or computer crash

Please Call (817)235-2749

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